A Message from Ken Roos: Help Yourself
by Helping Out over the Coming Days!

It was ten years ago this week that the anti-worker Gov Benson was voted out of office! This is a prime example of what our organized activism can accomplish. But, as was the case then, electing pro-worker candidates will require each one of us to do our part. Yes this means YOU!

Driving home last night, I passed SEA member activist, John Corrigan, out canvassing after dusk, just as I have seen him every weekend for the past few months!

Draw some energy from John! We are asking each member to give 2!

Donate two hours over the coming days to canvass, phone bank or hold a sign at the polls.

Every vote is important in the NH House races to prevent reverting to the days of Bully O’Brien.

We also need to ensure the re-election of our Governor and Federal delegation who have been so supportive of working families; as well as support pro-worker candidates for Executive Council and State Senate. A link to SEA endorsed candidates in your district is here.  We need to elect people who will represent the interests of all people; not just greedy corporations and millionaires.

The chance of returning to the type of legislature we faced two years ago is not exaggeration. If we don’t succeed in electing labor friendly candidates we will find ourselves with an extreme legislature composed of more free staters and members of the Tea Party. We will face a serious threat to our rights to collectively bargain;  we will be challenged to keep the rights we have fought for; and there will be an attempt to silence us.

Most importantly, VOTE and make sure your family, coworkers, friends and neighbors Get Out And Vote.

If you are able to volunteer, you can sign up using the form embedded below (Trouble seeing the form? Click here). If you have any questions, you can contact Brian Hawkins at bhawkins@seiu1984.org or 271-3411 x 120.

In unity,

Ken Roos, chapter 16

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