How Should This Land Be Used?


A new ad hoc committee is seeking members to help study potential uses for the empty lot adjacent to the SEA office in Concord.

Ad Hoc Committee Wants You to Help Study Potential Uses for Lot

A newly formed ad-hoc committee is seeking members to review the use of the empty lot adjacent to the SEA/SEIU 1984 office on North Main Street.

The SEA/SEIU 1984 purchased its current office five years ago, and it later acquired the property next door. After removing a structure on the site, the lot has since been left vacant. SEA Director John Amrol said members have long been curious about how the lot would be used.

“What it boils down to is, we have that land and members have been asking what are we going to do with it,” Amrol said.

Hearing those questions, Amrol met with city engineers and made a report to the SEA/SEIU 1984 Board of Directors, which authorized an ad hoc committee to review the use of the land. Amrol was appointed chair of the committee, along with Treasurer Ralph Tilton and Director Heather Fairchild.

Amrol is seeking members to fill out the ad hoc committee and is encouraging members to contribute ideas, even if they don’t want to join the committee.

“The idea is to throw on our thinking caps and see what potential uses we could have and how we can proceed,” Amrol said.

Based on what the committee finds, they would then report back to the Board of Directors.

Amrol said he expects the committee will get to work shortly. If you’d like to join the committee or have an idea for the use of the land, you can email Kathy Desjardin at

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