Health Buzz: Update: More info on Prescription Changes

HealthBuzzIn last week’s Health Buzz, we mentioned that some workers covered by the State Employee Health Benefit, as well as Executive Branch retirees, could see changes to their prescription coverage.

First, for active employees covered by the State Employee Health Benefit, Express Scripts has updated its formulary. In case you did not receive notification from Express Scripts, we’ll post the information here. You can find a list of prescription drugs are now be excluded here. Other prescription drugs are moving from preferred to nonpreferred status, meaning that you’d have a higher copayment. Those drugs include: Actonel, Azasite, Androderm, Betopic-S, Cetrotide, Durezol, Eurax, Glumetza, Halflytely-Bisacodyl, Kristalose, Lamictal ODT, Oxytrol and Zyclara. For more information, you can log on to or call the number on your member ID card.

State of New Hampshire retirees enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B should already have received notification about the change in prescription drug coverage to a Medicare Part D plan. These retirees will automatically be enrolled in this new plan, which takes effect Jan. 1. Retirees not enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B will not be affected by this change, meaning they’ll still be covered by the current Express Scripts plan. You can read much more information about the change here.


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