Health Buzz: Avoid Any Open Enrollment Confusion

We’ve heard there’s been a bit of confusion regarding forms for open enrollment for workers covered by the State Employee Health Benefit. The Department of Administrative Services Open Enrollment page has links for the “2015 Open Enrollment Form” as well as the “SAG 2015 Open Enrollment Form.” State employees will want to make sure to select the one without SAG in it.

SAG stands for Statutorily Authorized Groups, which are groups that buy in to the health plan. Those SAGs don’t have access to the flexible spending account (FSA) plan, however, so that part is not included on the SAG Open Enrollment Form.

If you have questions about open enrollment, you can contact your agency’s benefit representative. Or, you can contact the SEA’s benefit advocate, Chris Porter, at or 271-3411, ext. 134.

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