Belknap County Worker’s Health Benefits Intact until End of Year

The real life drama in Belknap County continued for county workers Monday night at yet another special meeting between the county delegation and county commissioners.

We are pleased to report that the delegation unanimously approved the line item transfers that were necessary for the employer to be able to make the final two months’ payments for the employer’s share of Belknap County Nursing Home, House of Corrections and Sheriff’s Department employees’ health benefits this calendar year. Congratulations to the delegation for doing the right thing and kudos to the workers for remaining united and visibly fighting for their contractual rights. The room was full of supporters despite the cold, rainy weather.

Even though the issue was quickly resolved, Rep. Collette Worsman could not refrain from making snide remarks and accusations against the county administrator and commissioners.  It is evident Worsman believes the workers should not receive any paid health benefits at all and she seemed determined to make that happen. “The employees are complaining about the paltry contribution of 6.5% they have to pay,” she sarcastically commented.

It is important to note that none of the other eight members of the committee spoke in support of Worsman’s comments. Worsman did not seek re-election and will not be a factor in the mix after the next meeting, which is scheduled for Dec. 1.

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