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Chapter 29 Hits OSC Goal After President’s Hair-raising Challenge

A few months back, we told you about an interesting fundraiser for Operation Santa Claus at Chapter 29, Great Bay Community College. It’s kind of a long story.

Basically, Chapter President Ed Mayrand promised that if his chapter donated enough money for OSC, he would grow his hair out into a ponytail, then donate the hair to Beautiful Lengths, an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. As you might expect, Chapter 29 members made the cut.

“I’m very pleased with the response I got from the chapter members, as well as a few non-members,” Mayrand said. “When everything was sorted out, we raised more than $560 in a month.”

In all, the chapter was able to sponsor eight children: four from Portsmouth and four from Rochester.

“Seven members volunteered to help me with the shopping and we’re wrapping that up — no pun intended — this week,” Mayrand said on Wednesday. “I hope to have all of the gifts delivered before Thanksgiving.”

This story, at least for Mayrand, will continue to grow after Thanksgiving, and he’s quite OK with that.

“I’ve gotten used to it,” Mayrand said of his lengthening locks.

He said he’s hoping they’ll be able to have a cutting ceremony at their second quarterly meeting.

“All in all the members are glad that they could make some children happy this Christmas and I’m happy to donate my hair to someone that will use it,” Mayrand said.

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