The Contract Action Team Needs You

As the Executive Branch collective bargaining process began earlier this year, we put out a call for members to join the Contract Action Team, or CAT. The idea was simple: members of the CAT would  serve as a link between members in their worksite, and the members of the bargaining team.

The CAT held its first conference call this week, and members on the call represented worksites from Manchester to Littleton, Keene to Portsmouth. Leading up to the call, CAT members talked to fellow SEA members in their worksites about one of the concepts before our master bargaining team. On the call, they provided feedback on how members felt about the concept, got bargaining updates, and came away with a new question for future CAT feedback.

CAT member Leneille Howe, who works for the Department of Health and Human Services out of the Keene District Office, said her colleagues appreciate what the CAT is trying to achieve.

“People in the Keene District Office are happy that they are being included in the bargaining process and are looking forward to being more informed about how things are going,” Howe said.

“I personally think this is a great way to get more members involved,” she said.

If you weren’t asked for your feedback, there’s a chance there isn’t a CAT member at your worksite. While over 100 members have now joined the Contract Action Team, each CAT member is only responsible for working with 20 of their co-workers, meaning many worksites are still not covered. We encourage you to considering joining the CAT to serve as that critical link. (You can contact John Thyng to join.)

As the bargaining process continues, the need for CAT members in each worksite will become more important. Please consider joining.

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