Executive Branch Employees Declare Impasse in Contract Negotiations

Earlier today, the Executive Branch employees’ bargaining team unanimously agreed to move to the next step in contract negotiations with the State of NH.  The team declared impasse, which is the trigger to take negotiations to the next level, mediation; meaning a neutral third party will be selected to help move negotiations forward.  The team has been negotiating the employment contract with the state since late October.

“Negotiations have been respectful, cordial and smooth,” said Bargaining Team Chair James (Jim) Nall.  “However, it became apparent this week that we could not continue to make progress with negotiations without the assistance of a mediator.”  The negotiation process frequently requires the addition of an impartial and objective third party to reach ratification.  “We have given the process due diligence and based on the state’s most recent response to our good faith negotiations, we unanimously agree we must take a different approach,” said Nall.

Central to the decision to turn to a third party for assistance is the matter of wages and health benefits.

“We share the state’s ultimate goal of providing quality, efficient services to the citizens of our state,” said Nall.  “We have a talented, dedicated state workforce that goes above and beyond for the state every day.”

Over the last decade, the SEA Executive Branch negotiated contracts have resulted in the employees’ wage and benefits package concessions providing the state with millions and millions of dollars in savings.

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