Membership Has Its Benefits: Discounts

Joining a union gets you something most workers don’t have: the ability to collectively bargain with your employer to improve your working conditions. Beyond that, though, membership in a union — your union — has many benefits. Some of these benefits can save you money, while others could save your job.

Beginning last week, we started highlighting some of the benefits provided by the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 in a series we’re calling “Membership Has Its Benefits.” Last week, we focused on the educational opportunities available to members. This week, we’ll talk about how union membership can save you money with a wide variety of discounts on entertainment, goods and services.


Showing your SEA member card can save you money at a wide variety of New Hampshire businesses. How? The SEA’s Member Discount Committee works with businesses to offer discounts. You benefit by saving a few bucks and the businesses benefit with new customers. Everybody wins!

Need lunch? Got you covered. Want work done on your house? How about your car? Done and done. When warm weather rolls around, you can save on tickets for amusement parks. If you can’t wait for the warm weather, you can take advantage of $8 movie tickets right now.

Among our most recently added discounts is a 20 percent savings off financial planning services through Flatiron Financial Group and a 10 percent savings on car insurance through Liberty Mutual.

It’s all listed at

These are just the local discounts: there’s even more available through the SEIU and Union Plus. You can save money on car rentals, or you’re planning on buying a new ride, you can save on a subscription to Consumer Reports.

Whatever you’re buying, there’s a chance that you can save money thanks to your union membership. Enjoy.

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