Plenty of Pain to Go Around in Budget Proposal

On Thursday, the House Finance Committee approved a new version of the proposed budget and trailer bill by a party-line vote of 14-9. While the massive cuts to the Department of Transportation were reduced, the pain was only spread around, with money taken from other areas – the state’s college system and RGGI.

This proposed budget simply cuts too much – $240 million – from what was already a lean proposal from Gov. Maggie Hassan. At a time when our economy is improving and our unemployment rate is dropping, these cuts are painful and unnecessary.

Under this plan, some DHHS district offices would be consolidated, limiting access to services; the Sununu Youth Services Center would be forced to outsource operations, putting staff, children and the public at risk; the DOT would still be forced to reduce services, including winter highway maintenance, again putting the public at risk.

Everyone will feel the impact of these unnecessary cuts. State employees’ raises in the new collective bargaining agreement are gone. State retirees meanwhile will pay more for health care and prescription drugs.

Because everyone will feel the impact, it’s important that all of you take action. Here’s how you can:

  1. Be at the State House on Wednesday, April 1: We will meet at 9:30 a.m. on April 1 to greet representatives before they vote on the proposed budget.
  2. Call your representatives: Even if you’ve already called, call again and ask your representatives to support the governor’s budget proposal. You can find your representatives’ information here. Just select your town from the dropdown list, then click on each name to find contact information. If you need help starting the conversation, talking points are here.
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