CCSNH Members Can Help in Bargaining Process

Make Big Impact Through Collective Bargaining Support Team

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members at CCSNH are in the process of bargaining new contracts with the college system, and there is a way staff and full-time faculty can help the bargaining teams.

The Collective Bargaining Support team (CBS for short) is an adaptation of something SEIU locals around the country have used in bargaining. Occasionally during negotiations, your bargaining teams may need members’ input on an issue. As a member of the CBS, you’d be responsible for gathering that input from colleagues at your worksite. It’s a relatively easy way to make a big impact on bargaining and get your co-workers involved, too.

“We’re reaching out to the CBS if we’re stuck on something in particular in our contract,” said Barb Anstey of NHTI, a member of the SEA staff bargaining team. “They bring the question to the members and get information or feedback on how they’d like us to proceed.”

SEA member Steve Derosier, of WMCC, is a member of the staff bargaining team and is also taking part in the CBS. He said his colleagues were eager to take part in the process.

“When I went and handed out our questionnaire, they couldn’t wait to fill it out and hand it back to me,” Derosier said. “It definitely made them feel part of the process.”

The more members that join the CBS, the stronger it gets, and the easier the task of gathering input becomes. If you think you’d like to join the CBS, you can either fill out this form or email With a little bit of work, we can get more members involved in the bargaining process.

“It’s their voice that we want to hear,” Anstey said. “The more input members provide, the better off everybody is.”


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