Expanded Gaming Gets Another Roll of the Dice

Earlier this week, the NH House held a marathon hearing for SB113, which would establish two casinos — one large destination resort with a minimum investment of $450 million, and a smaller facility with a minimum investment of $125 million. “That’s private money that will put carpenters, electricians, bricklayers and laborers to work,” said bill sponsort,” said Sen. Lou D’Allesandro. “I consider this the last best hope for New Hampshire.

Opponents continue to argue that social costs associated with legalized gambling is not worth the anticipated revenue.

The stark truth is, without the political will to overtly raise fees and taxes, NH’s opportunity for revenue is limited. We support SB113 as it will generate dollars that are sorely needed in our state’s coffers.

The flaws that were identified in prior legislation filed have been addressed in SB113. It is apparent that much time, thought and research has been done to make this bill workable and sustainable without harm to our citizens, our communities, and our visitors.

There is a long list of regulations that address everything from banning the use of EBT cards in the casinos; to establishing a regulatory commission; to distribution of funds derived from the casinos; to certification rules for workers.

In addition to generating the revenue, this bill will create jobs that will help working families and allow them to reinvest their earnings in the NH economy. Further this bill establishes the gaming enforcement unit in the division of state police. Again, more jobs for working NH families.

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