How Could He Behave Any Worse? Bully O’Brien Tops Himself.

Bully O'BrienTaking nasty to a new low,  Former and now self-declared Speaker Bill O’Brien used highly visible Facebook to call out Senior GOP members at the expense of David Wihby.  A bully is someone who mistreats others when they are most weak and vulnerable – O’Brien certainly is the epitome of that in this instance.

Why did he wage this attack against Sen. Ayotte, simply put, he is a sore loser. Sen. Ayotte, Govs. John H. Sununu and Steve Merrill, former U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass, and former House speakers Donna Sytek and Douglas Scamman drafted and distributed a letter of support for Rep. Gene Chandler for the Republican majority caucus nomination for House speaker – not O’Brien.

O’Brien’s online comments drew this reaction for NH GOP Party Chair, Jennifer Horn, “Representative O’Brien’s comments are extremely disappointing and beneath the dignity of his public office. It is wrong to exploit a serious issue in a petty attempt to settle an old political score.  True conservatism includes expressing some compassion for those who suffer. I would hope that Representative O’Brien could join us in offering sympathy for somebody in their time of need.”

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