SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Fight-for-Fifteen Committee Invites You to Join Them

Join us to fight for public service workers who do not earn a living wage. There are state employees who qualify to receive state services because their pay is so low. Would you believe there are at least 2,300 state positions with starting wages at less than $15/hour?  An individual or single parent cannot support themselves on these wages.

Also, fight for private sector workers with unlivable wages – who wash the laundry, clean the floors, serve up the fast food, cash you out at the store and make your bed in the hotel or the hospital.

Fight for people who care for elders in their homes and are hard-pressed to pay for their own shelter. Fight for people who care for children at a rate of pay that won’t pay off the required college credits in Early Childhood Education.

From “On April 15, tens of thousands people joined together in what the Guardian called the “largest protest by low wage workers in US history.” From the tens of thousands of people rallying in New York City to garment workers in Bangladesh, protesters across the world sent a crystal clear message: It’s time for $15, fair pay, and union rights.”

We will meet next at the SEA office July 9th at 5 PM. Be part of the most important movement in the USA today, proclaiming the right of the worker to make a living. Come and bring a friend!

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