Where did Compass Smart Shopper Go?

Important information for members who have this Health Benefit

If you are familiar with the Compass program, you know that you can actually earn money by getting medical procedures and tests at facilities that are listed as high-quality, lower cost options. That’s right, get certain medical work done at a recommended facility and you can earn from $25 up to $500, depending on the procedure.

Compass SmartShopper has merged with Vitals and is now known as Vitalssmartshopper. The program will offer the same health care shopping experience, just under a new name. This change went into effect on June 1. If you have a secure username and password, that will not change.

You can reach Vitalssmartshopper at this website: https://www.vitalssmartshopper.com/Login?ReturnUrl=%2F or by calling 800-824-9127.

We’ve been told they anticipate program enhancements and a new look, too.

Why Should You Shop Around for Cost-effective Health Care?

The cost for the same medical procedure can differ by 300 – 500%. SmartShopper provides simple health care shopping based on price and location. You can easily shop for health care and compare prices online or by phone.

When you choose lower-cost, same-quality care you lower claim costs – the result is a win-win all the way around: you receive a cash reward and a lower price for health care and health plans and employers catch a break, as well.

Remember, health benefits are becoming increasingly difficult to negotiate because health care has become cost prohibitive. By using programs like Vitalssmartshopper, you can do your part in lowering healthcare costs and holding on to the benefits we have fought to preserve.


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