My Story: Elaine

I am a single woman living on my income and can’t afford an apartment on my own. If it were not for my adult children helping me pay the rent I would have to get a part- time job so I would be able to afford a little more than just the basics. I try to not live beyond my means and if it was not for my mother who let me borrow money from her instead of a dealership, I would not be able to afford a car payment. My car is not brand new it is a 2012.

I am trying to better myself with taking classes at the local vo-tech but a 700.00 per class is not easy on my budget. I would sign up for a degree and apply for financial help but I am not sure I could handle a full time job and go to school a few nights a week.

The past small increases have helped with the cost of living expenses such as food costs.  My doctor told me I have diabetes and I need to eat healthier. Healthier food is more expensive.

Thank you for your time.

Elaine Clark

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