My Story: Gerard

My StoryMy story is pretty much like everyone else’s. Therefore, I won’t bore you, NH legislators, who seem to care not  whether New Hampshire employees live in a house or a hut, men and women who, proud of their state, work every day sitting at a desk or risk their lives working on our highways and keeping our forests pristine –  among many other endeavors.

Big business  (“the bottom line”) obviously is your one concern. You seem to have no trouble believing Big Business when it states the money New Hampshire saves it with lower business taxes, the better quality of its products and services and, of course, the better salaries their employees earn.

I’m sorry, sirs, I have no trust in the rhetoric of Big Business or you. And so, I have chosen to take this time to let you know that it doesn’t bother me that you could not care less where I live, what I eat or wear. What truly breaks my heart is that you don’t care about me as a fellow human being with needs.

Gerard R. Desrosiers

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