My Story: Susan

I have worked for the State of NH full time since 2006 and was a part-timer from 2002 – 2006.

I have gone many years without raises or with step increase freezes so that the healthcare costs remained low.

NOW I am paying more than ever for my families healthcare, with raising deductibles and the co-pays have increased considerably.

Everything is going up but my paycheck!

Last February my husband woke up paralyzed in his left leg and bladder and ended up having to go to Mass General Hospital for over a week.  He was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and thankful he is walking again but may never regain feeling in his right side and continues, over a year later to go to physical therapy three times a week.

We have a two year-old daughter and I am the sole provider for our family.  My husband has not been approved for disability and we do not qualify for any assistance and he cannot work.  We are sinking fast in bills and medical expenses.

I have dedicated 13 years to the State of NH, I work hard…I did eight years on the midnight shift and I took every class and training opportunity provided to me so I could be promoted within the state system; because I love working here. I am proud to be a state employee.

With all that said I may have to go to the private sector because I do NOT make enough money.  I will not be the first or the last employee that has no choice due to the fact that for the job I provide for the State of NH I could make considerably more money elsewhere and honestly because of the raise in cost for our healthcare get the same insurance offerings.  I have been looking outside the State because I cannot afford to live like this.  I was never “rich” before my husband’s injury but we were comfortable and I was happy coming to work every day.

Everyone has personal struggles and worrying about not getting another raise and working to maintain living at poverty level is just wrong.  We work hard, I work hard every day for the State and I have never felt so under appreciated.

Thank you for the opportunity to share.


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