President’s Update, Aug. 13, 2015

Since I last updated you on my activities, I have done a fair amount of traveling in our state visiting work sites from Concord to the Lakes Region, the Seacoast area and western NH.  It is always a pleasure to get out among our members and listen to their work-site issues and concerns.

Rich Gulla

Rich Gulla

Along the way, I was able to convince some longtime nonmembers (15 years, 21 years and 31 years) to become members and join us in our efforts to preserve the middle class and raise up all workers.  I was also able to recruit Councilors and a secretary/treasurer for our newest chapter – Chapter 54, the NH State Liquor Commission.

I recently met with several members from CCSNH and Gov. Hassan to discuss funding for the state’s community college system.  I managed a trip to our Judicial Branch members in the Keene area and also toured and met members at Hampstead Hospital; the latter was set up by Director Frank Wike-Clerk.

I was honored to be invited to kick off the New England Ignite Conference as the opening guest speaker.  Likewise, it was my honor to represent our organization by attending the governor’s press conference announcing her compromise budget plan.

There have been a number of political events I have attended over the last month. One reason it is important to include these opportunities in my schedule is to build and strengthen relationships. I believe that real power is generated through quality relationships. If you have worked on the relationship, you will be better able to advocate for your cause and create a better future. If you have a strong relationship it is alright to disagree and move on to the next item rather than get stuck with no possibility of making progress.

In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities, I have spent much of my time focused on two key issues – the fight for funding of the State Employees’ contract; and contributing to the budget process for our organization.

I have had the pleasure of attending district meetings, made possible by our political department, with Senators Bradley, Sanborn, Forrester and Little. We were joined by members at each meeting and had open dialogue about the state budget and the omission of funding for the state employees’ contract.  We asked each senator for their support and each of these senators said they would make sure the funding is included for the 2015-17 contract. More of these meetings with senators are currently being scheduled. We will begin meeting with key NH House members, as well.

I have also been meeting frequently with our Finance Committee and Business Administrator regarding creating our new budget, which will go into effect on Oct. 1, 2015.  We have spent many hours on this process to ensure that we meet our obligations and serve our members well, while being good stewards of our members’ dues.

I will continue to keep you posted.

In unity,
Rich Gulla

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