Online Membership, SEA/PAC Forms Now Available

The SEA/SEIU Local 1984 has a new online option for signing up as a member or making contributions to SEA/PAC. Until this point, you’ve had to fill out a paper form. You can still do that, but now you can alternatively use one of our online forms.

You can access the forms here. If you go directly to our website,, you’ll find a “Join Us” graphic in the right-hand sidebar.

The forms weren’t online for more than a few hours when we got our first online signup. After talking with a field representative last week, Kathy Traynor of DoIT, went to our website to sign up as a member. She clicked the “Join Us” graphic and found the proper form.

“It’s really an expectation that I have in 2015 that I can do business with an organization online,” she said. “I kind of expected I’d find that there, so I was glad that I could do it.”

More About the Forms

There are three separate forms on the website: one to sign up as a member and to contribute to SEA/PAC, another to just sign up as a member, and a third to start or change a contribution to SEA/PAC. An important note: Before filling out the form to contribute to SEA/PAC, you’ll want to make sure your bargaining unit can contribute via payroll deduction; you can find this out by talking to one of your chapter leaders.

If you have any problems with the online forms, or have any suggestions to improve the process, please send an email to

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