Members Take Action Against Offensive Drink Recipe Book

Photo via Concord Monitor.

Photo via Concord Monitor.

A story that was mostly a behind the scenes example of member action came to the fore today courtesy of the Concord Monitor. The story was about a drink recipe book distributed to state liquor stores that contained recipes with profane names that we won’t repeat in this space (the Monitor story has a few of the tamer examples).

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members, who recently formed their own liquor-only chapter, voiced complaints to management, but those complaints fell on deaf ears. The members were undeterred, and brought their complaints to union representatives, who organized a meeting with Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern. After hearing from these members, Van Ostern brought the complaints to the governor’s office, which ordered the books removed from the stores.

We’d like to first thank Gov. Hassan for moving quickly to remove the books, which had no place in a professional working environment. We’d also like to commend the liquor store employees for exercising good judgement and working together to get the books removed. Theirs is an excellent example of workers taking organized action on an issue that affects their work environment.

You can read the full Concord Monitor report on the books here.

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