Featured Committee: Convention Arrangements

Our SEA/SEIU Local 1984 committee profile this month is especially timely, as the event this committee organizes is less than a month away. We talked with First Vice President Ken Roos about the work that the Convention Arrangements Committee does to prepare and put on the yearly convention. This year’s convention is on Oct. 3 in Manchester.

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What does your committee do? What function does it serve for the SEA?

The Convention Arrangements Committee establishes the location of the annual convention, selects the menu, and any other items (such as entertainment) related to conducting a successful convention. We also assist during the convention to ensure all delegates and guests have a pleasant experience, which results in a more productive event. The committee also is diligent about ensuring that all the convention information, such as resolutions and constitutional amendments, is assembled and disseminated to the delegates in a timely fashion. The committee puts a great deal of thought and energy into developing a theme that will carry throughout the year. The committee sets up and cleans up at the convention. The committee arrives early and is the last to leave a convention.

What would happen if the committee didn’t exist?

If the committee didn’t exist, the annual convention would likely continuously be held at the same site with a menu selected by the venue. The committee also works to hold down the cost of the event by negotiating contracts and being frugal when it comes to ensuring attendees have a variety of delicious options.

How many are on the committee?

In addition to the first vice president, the committee has 10 members, plus the SEA Business Manager, KJ Desjardin,  who provides her years of expertise in ensuring that convention runs seamlessly and on budget.

Can anyone be on the committee?

Any member or retiree (retirees are members) is welcome to join the committee, especially those with a flair for being a party host for innovation!

How often does the committee meet, and what kind of time commitment is involved? What’s a typical meeting like?

The committee meets quarterly on average, monthly as convention nears, planning components of the convention.

Why should members join your committee?

Issues important to our organization are acted upon at the annual convention. The Convention Arrangement Committee plays a vital role and contributes to the overall experience of the annual convention. If you like to plan parties and events, then join the convention arrangements committee. We just had a road trip scoping out sites for next year’s convention. We are already thinking ahead to when the two-day convention returns in 2017! Is the renovated Balsams in our future?

PS…Hope to see all who have been elected delegates at convention on Oct. 3!

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