Members Come Away Impressed by DOT Nominee

Executive Council to Vote on Nomination Next Week

On Wednesday evening, SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members met with Victoria Sheehan, who is Gov. Maggie Hassan’s nominee for DOT commissioner. The meeting, which was arranged by the union, was an opportunity for members to meet with Sheehan before the Executive Council votes on the nomination.

John Corrigan, who works for the DOT, was one of the members in attendance, and said he was appreciative of the opportunity to meet with his potential new boss. After meetings such as this, the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 political staff will convey member feedback to the Executive Council.

“As members, it’s good to have that channel,” Corrigan said.

He said Sheehan was received well by the group and left many impressed.

“She seemed to be very aware of the key issues facing New Hampshire, and she raised a couple issues that showed a pretty good understanding of the department,” Corrigan said.

One of those issues was the aging of the workforce at the DOT — a problem that affects many state departments — and the need to have a succession plan to the next generation of workers. With those new workers, she said, it’s important to find out what’s important to them to make sure that the department retains them.

Jonathan Hebert, another DOT employee and the president of Chapter 3, said Sheehan was personable and articulate, but was most impressed that she had a great amount of knowledge about all facets of the work the department does.

“There would seem to be no real learning curve for her,” Hebert said. “She would hit the ground running.”

Hebert explained that a colleague who works in materials research asked a fairly detailed question — too much detail to go into here — and Sheehan’s response surprised him.

“She responded with more detail that I didn’t understand,” he said. “I was surprised how well she understood the research aspect of things.”

Sheehan, who lives in Nashua, was the top choice of a search committee. She has wide-ranging experience working with the Massachusetts DOT.

“I think we’re going to benefit from her knowledge and expertise,” Hebert said.

Her nomination will go before the Executive Council at its meeting next Wednesday. Corrigan gave her the thumbs-up.

“My sense is that she deserves the support of the Executive Council, and I will reach out to my councilor to convey that,” Corrigan said.

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