State Contract FAQ

Does it include pay increases?

Yes, all employees in a bargaining unit will receive a pay raise of 2% in January 2016 and another 2% in January 2017.

How will it affect my health benefits?

a)    There are no changes in deductibles, co-payments, prescriptions or premiums.

b)    Beginning July 1, 2015, any new health promotion money will be issued as a gift card with no expiration date.  Any unused HRA/HAT money and old health promotion money (earned prior to 6-31-15) shall lapse after 12-31-15.  Gift card monies are taxable.

c)    This tentative agreement contains a provision that would allow either side to re-open negotiations in 2016 on the health plan in the event the federal ACA Excise Tax (the so called Cadillac Tax) would have a significant fiscal impact on the insurance plan. This re-opening is specific only to the health plan.

What about dental insurance?

Dental coverage is increased by $500 per year for each covered person and white resin fillings will now be covered. In return for these changes biweekly contributions are increased from $1 to $2 for single plan, $2 to $4 for two person plan and $3 to $6 for family plans.

Are there any changes to premium pay for overtime?

If sick leave is taken without three days prior notice, it will not count towards time worked in the qualification and calculation of overtime pay during the same week. Please note, this is only for unscheduled sick time, not pre-approved sick leave for doctor appointments or bereavement leave.

Are there any changes to sick leave?

No, except for unscheduled sick time calculations as mentioned above.

Are there any changes that affect stewards?

Stewards will be required to mark the time they use for steward business in NH First/Lawson.

Can supervisors still be stewards or hold elected union office?

Yes. If your immediate supervisor is a union steward or elected officer and you file a grievance, your grievance will now skip that person and go directly to the next step in the process.

Does my boot allowance go away?

No, anyone with a footwear allowance in their sub-unit keeps it. For anyone else, if the agency requires that a special type of footwear be worn as part of Personal Protective Equipment, the State will reimburse the employee up to $200 per two-year contract cycle.

How is my longevity check affected?

Longevity payments will move from the first paycheck in December to the first paycheck in November.

Are there any new protections for nursing mothers?

New language in this contract formalizes and incorporates the expectations for post-natal mother’s lactation needs as provided by The Nursing Mothers Provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Are there any changes regarding layoff procedures?

This language immortalizes the existing procedures language. This language was set to sunset.

Does the TA allow the State to furlough employees to save money?

No.  It does, however, continue the process for only federally funded employees to be furloughed in lieu of layoff if a federal government shutdown makes reimbursement funding unavailable.

Is there funding for parking for Concord area employees who are not afforded a state-provided parking space for their personal vehicle?

Yes. The current funding for parking is renewed at the present amount.

Does the amount of term life insurance increase?

Yes, the amount increases from $25,000 to $50,000. There is no cost to the employee.

Can my step increase be delayed if my performance evaluation was not completed on time? 


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