A Little Friendly Competition for a Good Cause

Each year, DOT Turnpike maintenance employees and toll attendants host a Safety Day for all of their co-workers.  In addition to learning safety tips, the two groups have thrown in a healthy helping of competition this year.

“We decided that we wanted to combine Safety Day with an opportunity for us to give back to the community,” said Jim MacNichol, Chapter 17.  “This year we are having our Safety Day in Hampton, so we are holding a food drive for the local Seabrook Helping Hands Food Pantry.”  

The maintenance Safety Day is scheduled for October 15.  “After October 15, the items will be delivered to the Food Pantry,” said MacNichol.

In September, Turnpike Maintenance crews challenged the Tolls to a “Food Throw Down” —  a food drive competition to see who could gather the most items for their respective local facility. The toll workers are sponsoring their Food Drive to support the Salvation Army in Manchester.

Both groups’ campaigns are in progress and donations will be accepted until October 15.  Donations to either or both causes would be much appreciated. According to MacNichol, there are donations boxes set up at the Bureau of Turnpikes at Hackett Hill Road, Hooksett Maintenance, Merrimack Maintenance, Nashua Maintenance, Dover Maintenance, Hampton Maintenance and the Morton Building. Donations should be non-perishable products only.

“It gives us such a good feeling to be able to take on community service like this,” said MacNichol. “State workers in general like to help and this is just one more way, plus we’d love the bragging rights if we beat Tolls in this competition.”

So, dig in those cabinets or visit the local store to contribute to the cause.

“Although this is a friendly competition, the real winners will be the people receiving the donations,” said MacNichol.

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