Nashua Woman Creates Unique Fundraiser for Operation Santa Claus

When Kristina Provencher, a working mom from Nashua, first heard about Operation Santa Claus, she knew she had to get involved with the program in some way.


Each of the books comes with a stuffed character from the story.

Kristina is a consultant for Usborne Books, an organization that publishes quality children’s books appropriate from infancy through young adulthood. She has come up with a unique fundraiser that combines her love for books and supporting OSC.  She has created a Facebook event where she will be selling two books she thinks would be ideal for children who will be gift recipients of OSC packages this holiday season.

Kristina hopes to bring in enough donations for her to provide 50 books with accompanying stuffed characters from the stories.  Each combination is available for $25.  In addition, Kristina is donating her commission on these sales during the campaign, which ends October 31, 2015.

The first book is Jonathan James and the What If Monster. Little Jonathan is plagued by a little green monster whenever he finds himself in a new situation. He hears his Whatif Monster asking all kinds of questions to stop him from trying something new: What if it’s scary? What if they laugh? What if it’s hard? Finally, Jonathan James has some questions of his own: What if they don’t? What if it isn’t? What then?

The second book is Cuddle Bear, the unforgettable hero with hugs for everyone! If, like lion, panda, penguin or elephant, you’re feeling sad or lonely, never fear! Cuddle Bear has plenty of hugs to go around.

It doesn’t matter if you’re big or tall, short or small, there’s one for every size!

Both of these books will come with a plush stuffed version of the main character.

If you would like to contribute to this fundraiser, please contact Kristina Provencher at her bookstore at or contact Beth D’Ovidio at 271-3411 x105 or

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