President’s Message: Strength in Numbers

Beginning October 19, SEA/SEIU Local 1984 staff and member leaders will be focusing on talking with non-members about joining our union and growing SEA/PAC contributions over a four-week period; and we need your help.

The more of us there are – the more power we have to negotiate strong contracts and elect legislators who share our values. This is why we are launching the “Strength in Numbers Membership Drive.”

As we have just seen with the recent Executive Branch contract fight, there truly is strength in numbers. Initially, NH lawmakers left funding for the contract out of the NH budget, as well as funding for many of the critical services we provide. Subsequently the governor vetoed the budget; and we went into action. Our collective efforts to have politicians reconsider the funding were successful.  Thanks to members’ action, funding for the Executive Branch contract was included in the compromise budget between the legislature and governor! Through our unified efforts, we were able to win that fight because we collectively reached out to our legislators on both sides of the aisle to show them that we stood united.

Just imagine what would happen without our strength, our union. Given the chance, our employers and our legislators would systematically dismantle active and retired workers’ rights that we have fought for over decades.

Now imagine what we could achieve if there were even more of us demanding our rights in a much louder voice – no more balancing budgets on our backs; no more attempting to sidestep our contracts; and no more raiding our retirement funds.

I am asking every member (including you) to help us achieve our goals. Talk with your co-workers who are not yet members and explain the benefits of joining our union. Let them know how much is at stake.

In unity,

Rich Gulla

P.S.  Be on the lookout for more news about our campaign over the coming days and weeks.

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