Strength in Numbers: Member Takes Lead


SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member Jonathan Hallet.

Last week, we rolled out our Strength in Numbers Membership Drive, which aims to build our collective voice by signing up new members to SEA/SEIU Local 1984.

We’ve received funding from the international union to bring in a member organizer to help with that drive.

That organizer, Chapter 21 member Jonathan Hallet, started several weeks ago and will spend the next few months helping with all facets of the membership drive. Hallet, who works at the Sununu Youth Services Center, is currently leading efforts to recruit more members to help with the membership drive. He explained why he got involved and why it’s important for other members to join in, too.

“I’m extremely passionate about making our union stronger,” Hallet said. “I appreciate the benefits we have through our union, and I know that is at risk if we don’t get stronger. Unions are under attack, and it’s a very crucial time for us.”

We can’t make the union stronger without the involvement of members like you. We know that the most important, and impactful, conversations about becoming a union member happen on a one-on-one basis. The more members that are having those conversations, the more successful we will be. That’s why Hallet has a goal of getting 150 members involved with Strength in Numbers by the middle of this month.

“I urge each and every one of you to contact me at 271-3411, ext. 111, to commit to the Strength in Numbers Membership Drive,” Hallet said.

Those who sign up won’t be sent out unprepared — there will be a training on Oct. 17 to help talk with non-members about why they should join the union.

Hallet will be one of the members leading that training next week, and he said he’s excited to help get other members out in the field helping build our union’s strength.

“It’s important that we all get into this fight,” he said. “We are a member-driven organization, and we all need to be in this together.”

Click here to read President Rich Gulla’s message rolling out the Strength in Numbers Membership Campaign.


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