‘Building Our Numbers and Strength’

Liquor Employee Seeing Success on Membership Drive

In the lead-up to the Strength in Numbers membership drive, we asked you to do your part by having conversations with non-members about the benefits of joining with us. Many of you have answered that call, and we’re making some real progress.

It’s important to celebrate that progress, so we wanted to highlight the work on one member in particular: Ralph Mecheau of the Liquor Commission. Since the beginning of October, Mecheau has recruited 12 new members at his workplace, the northbound rest area on I-93 in Hooksett.

“I’m a councilor, and I know it’s about building our numbers and strength,” he said.

Mecheau said direct communication is essential in not just recruiting new members, but grooming active members.

“That is the long-term goal: to get people involved,” he said.

He said that getting people to join the movement is about more than just one conversation.

“I give them a packet and I suggest they take it home,” he said. “I don’t try to do it all in one day. I don’t want to turn someone off with a hard sell.”

Mecheau said when he talks to members — especially part-timers — he’s looking to find what they need and how being part of the union can benefit them. With part-timers, he said, sometimes a big factor is benefits.

“Some part-timers are working two or three jobs, and if they don’t have health insurance, the discounted Aflac is a good benefit,” Mecheau said.

Ultimately, he works to tailor his approach based on the person and the situation that person is in.

“That’s really my focal point, recognizing the needs of people,” he said.

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