CCSNH Bill Draws Strong Support

Plan Would Create Committee to Review Changes at CCSNH; Call Committee

Dave Pollak testifies in favor of HB

Dave Pollak testifies in favor of HB 1274 on Thursday.

The House Education Committee held a hearing Thursday afternoon for a bill (HB 1274) that would create a committee to study the effectiveness of changes at the state community college system.

Among the dozen-plus supporters in attendance were numerous current and past college employees, and a pair of students. Despite the hearing first being moved up a day, then being delayed by an hour, most stayed throughout and a handful testified, pointing to college leadership’s questionable decision making as the real reason behind layoffs and departures that have compromised the quality of education at CCSNH schools.

“Previous chancellors, Board of Trustees members, and presidents planned and budgeted so that these natural and recurring fluctuations would not result in reduced staffing or cause a decrease in the quality of education for New Hampshire’s students,” said Laura Morgan, a faculty member at NHTI.

In addition to poor financial planning, Morgan went on to detail other missteps, including unneeded software upgrades and an administration that was growing ever more bloated. Dave Pollak, who was laid off from his faculty position at Lakes Region Community College last year, built off of Morgan’s testimony, stating that there was little to lose but plenty to gain in studying CCSNH.

“We’ve become top heavy in administration, huge financial decisions are made without adequate study, management has done a poor fiscal job, and, simply stated, students are not being served as well,” Pollak said. “Don’t take my word for it. Look into it. If I’m wrong, nothing is lost but if I and my colleagues are correct, the students of NH and the state itself are being harmed.”

One of the students who was present Thursday has said as much, and has gone so far as to launch a website aimed at spreading awareness of the poor decision-making at the college.

In addition to those who took part in Thursday’s hearing, another 500 signed a petition in support of HB 1274, helping hammer home the importance of this bill. We thank those who came to the hearing, especially those who testified. The House Education Committee, which held the hearing on Thursday, planned a work session on the bill on Friday.

If you weren’t able to attend the hearing but agree that the changes at the college warrant review, you’re encouraged to contact the members of the House Education Committee and ask for their support on HB 1274. You can find information for the committee members here.


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