Now More than Ever, We Need to Join Together

Legal, Legislative Challenges Threaten Our Ability to Fight for Ourselves

As soon as next week, the Supreme Court is expected to rule in a case that was built to do one thing: destroy our ability to band together to improve our lives, workplaces and communities. This case, Friedrichs vs. California Teachers’ Association, threatens to make Right to Work the law of the land, meaning we’d lose fair share fees from nonmembers overnight. In this time of strife, we must do what we’ve always done so well: stand together.

The goal of Right to Work is to weaken unions such as ours, because the wealthy special interest groups that are funding this case know that unions remain one of the most effective ways that working people can take collective action to improve our lives at work and in the community. The outcome in the aforementioned case is uncertain. Beyond that case, there are more than a dozen similar cases in the pipeline behind it. Worse, with elections in November, we face the possibility of a Legislature bent on further reducing the rights of workers.

If this all sounds scary, it should. But it’s not hopeless. When we stand together, we can achieve great things. And we need to stand together now. If you’re not a member, we need you to join up and stand with us. You can sign up by clicking here. If you are a member, we need you to talk with nonmembers about what we stand to lose if we don’t stand together. We hope you’ll join with us, now more than ever.

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