Note Paycheck Change for Anthem Rewards

Benefits for Rewards, Reimbursements will Be Taxed in 3/18 Paycheck

Members covered by the State Employee Health Benefit have access to fringe benefits such as fitness club, fitness equipment, and community health education reimbursements, as well as Anthem Health Rewards. Fringe benefits such as these are taxable, so they must be reported through payroll quarterly. If you’re wondering why we’re mentioning this now, it’s because the first report of 2016 will show up in the March 18 paycheck.

This report covers the last two months of 2015 and the first month of 2016. These benefits will be reported as income and taxed accordingly. Taxation of fringe benefits isn’t new, although Anthem Health Rewards is now included as a fringe benefit since the rewards switched from health reimbursement account dollars to gift cards. If you have questions about the deductions, you can contact Anthem at 1-800-933-8415.

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