Bargaining Advisory Committee Needs Your Help

More Voices Needed as CBAC Prepares for Next Round of Contract Talks


SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members and staff attended the recent CBAC meeting.

With the next round of state contract negotiations on the horizon, the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee met last week. Despite some foul weather, a large number of members turned out and the hope is that number will grow over time.

The Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee, also known as CBAC, advises, assists and gathers information in the collective bargaining process. The CBAC is not exclusive to Executive Branch members, but it is currently focused on preparing for Executive Branch bargaining. SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Director Jim Nall, who chairs the CBAC, said he was pleasantly surprised by the show of interest in the committee’s first meeting of 2016.

“With the snow and bad weather, we’d expected there’d be very few who would come out in person for the meeting, but many came out to show interest in helping with the process,” Nall said. “I’m hoping that as we move forward, more members will join so we can generate a diverse range of contract proposals that meet the needs of our membership.”

The first step the CBAC will take is to begin designing a bargaining survey that will be sent to members. That survey helps the CBAC, and eventually the Master Bargaining Team, to determine areas of focus in preparation for bargaining. Members will begin work on the survey at a special meeting next Wednesday, April 20. The full CBAC will meet again on Monday, May 2, at 5 p.m. at the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 office.

As noted above, the CBAC is currently focused on the Executive Branch contract, but Nall emphasized that it’s open to any member who wants to take part.

“I would encourage members from other units to come because what gets discussed may spark discussion in their own contract negotiations,” Nall said. “In addition, members from other units can offer valuable suggestions that can help us prepare.”

If you’re interested in joining the CBAC or even if you just have a suggestion for the survey, you can contact Randy Hunneyman at or 271-3411, ext. 129.

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