Have You Checked Out the BET?

Bureau of Education and Training Offers Range of Professional Development

The state’s Bureau of Education and Training offers opportunities for professional development for public employees at all levels. The BET’s rotating course offerings include Lean Process training as well as the in-depth Certified Public Supervisor and Manager programs. You can even earn college credits through classes in the program.

In addition to its own courses, the BET is also affiliated with NHTI to provide affordable training courses for a wide range of software. If you’re looking to advance your career, it’s well worth your time to see what BET offers — after all, BET exists to help give you the skills you need in today’s workplace. 

Here’s a look at some of the programs that are upcoming:

Certified Public Supervisor  & Manager Programs (Apply now – classes begin in mid-July 2016 for both CPS & CPM Programs)

The goal of the NH Certified Public Management Program is to standardize and professionalize public management.  The program includes training that measure and develops participant’s’ public management competencies, which consists of two levels, CPS I and CPM II.

The program offers competency-based training to identify the key skills one needs to be an effective leader, measure the skills of program participants and creates learning and training opportunities to strengthen and develop those skills identified as important for effective leadership. Both designations are viewed as professional, rather than academic, credentials. The program involves intensive study, practice and application. The cost for this program is $1,200 for applications received by June 17; $1,250 for applications received after that date.

Foundations of State Supervision:

This two day program for State supervisors and managers is an interactive class that provides a step-by-step format for communicating with employees. Through the use of videos, demonstrations, critical steps analysis, coaching sessions, and skills practices, participants will gain valuable skills needed for successful day-to-day supervision and management. This is a two-day course at the BET Training Center that runs from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. each day. You can check for dates at https://das.nh.gov/hr/trdev.html. The instructor for this course is Frank Nugent, and the cost is $150.

Lean White Belt:

The Lean White Belt program will acquaint attendees with the principles, philosophy and tools of Lean thinking. This is a great opportunity to build Lean culture by expanding awareness of continuous improvement concepts and techniques. The White Belt programs prepare participants to identify potential improvement projects in their organizations, and the role of the BET’s Lean Belt programs in developing Lean practitioners. This program would be beneficial for employees, supervisors and managers and administrators in state agencies, counties, municipalities, school districts, non-profits organizations and public higher educators. This is a half-day course set for 9 a.m.-noon on June 24 at the BET Training Center. The instructor is Kate McGovern, and the cost is $50.

You can read more about what the BET offers at its website, https://das.nh.gov/hr/trdev.html, or you can email robin.hoyt@nh.gov or karen.eaton-bruce@nh.gov for more information.

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