Marchand Meets with Poli Ed Committee

Former Portsmouth Mayor is Running for Governor

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand met with members of the Poli Ed Committee on June 13.

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand met with members of the Poli Ed Committee on June 13.

Last Monday, former Portsmouth mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand met met with SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members on the Political Education (Poli Ed) Committee.

At last Monday’s meeting, Marchand talked with members for nearly two hours, covering a wide range of topics. Chapter 45 member Holly Smith, a new member of the Poli Ed Committee, said she thought the meeting went well and came away impressed by Marchand. When asked a question he didn’t know the answer to, Smith said Marchand didn’t try to make something up — he asked the questioner to give him more information on the topic. That showed a willingness to work in a bottom-up manner.

“If somebody has an understanding of how to build good policy, they know it needs to not just come from the top,” Smith said.

Marchand is the third candidate to meet with the committee, which interviews candidates and ultimately makes recommendations on which candidate the union should endorse. You can find stories on Colin Van Ostern’s visit with Poli Ed here and Mark Connolly’s visit with Poli Ed here. We’ve placed special emphasis on the gubernatorial race because it’s the one that will have the biggest impact on our members in the coming years. That’s why we’re holding these meetings, as well as our gubernatorial forums (Marchand took part in our Democratic forum this Monday).

Smith, who works as a Child Protective Services Worker and has a background in public policy, said she felt Marchand would be good at building policy as governor.

“I think he’s bipartisan enough to know there’s a way to make progress,” she said.

The Poli Ed Committee will continue evaluating candidates and is in the process of setting up the gubernatorial forum for Republican candidates next month. More details on that are forthcoming. The candidate endorsement process is one that all members should feel open to be a part of, and opportunities such as this meeting with Marchand and the gubernatorial forums are your opportunity to get involved.

All members are welcome at Poli Ed meetings, which take place the second Monday of each month at 5 p.m. You can email the chair of Poli Ed, John Hattan, at if you have any questions.

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