Exec. Branch Master Bargaining Team Selected


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10 Elected at Collective Bargaining Senate Meeting

Last week, the Executive Branch Collective Bargaining Senate elected 10 members of the team who will be sitting across the table from the state’s team during upcoming contract negotiations for state employees.

Those elected are:

  • Dan Brennen – Dept. of Transportation
  • Dick deSeve – Dept. of Environmental Services
  • Alisa Druzba – Dept. of Health & Human Services
  • Heather Fairchild – Department of Health & Human Services
  • Linda Huard – NH Employment Security
  • Justin Jardine – Dept. of Corrections
  • Leah McKenna – Dept. of Environmental Services
  • John Morin – Dept. of Corrections
  • Ken Muske – NH Employment Security
  • Scott Winslow – Adjutant General’s Dept.

The 11th elected member was not decided at this meeting because none of the remaining 11 candidates received the required 50 percent plus one vote.  The Senate will hold that election in September.

Jim Nall, the current Chair of the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee (CBAC) is a member of the team, per SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Board of Directors’ Policy.  He will once again serve as the chair of the Master Bargaining Team.

“It was a record turnout for a summer session,” Nall said.  “It is encouraging to see how committed the Senate is to the negotiation of this next contract.”

Twenty-one individuals ran for the team through the self-nomination process. All candidates were allotted time to address the Senate explaining their qualifications and to ask for their votes.

As chair, Nall, with the approval of the CBAC, will appoint the final three team members of the 15-member team. These spots are reserved in order to ensure representational diversity on the team.

Special kudos go to Chapter 17 (Dept. of Transportation) for having 100 percent of its Senate members present at the meeting!

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