Weight Watchers Can Now Come to Worksites

HealthBuzzAnthem’s Community Health Education Reimbursement Program (CHERP) is bringing Weight Watchers to the workplace. Weight Watchers can now hold onsite meetings if an agency has at least 15 employees interested in attending a 12-week session, or 20 people interested in attending a 17-week session.

The Weight Watchers at Work program is open to state employees who can access the meeting location, and may participate only during non-work hours. Just as with non-work Weight Watchers meetings, you can be reimbursed for the cost of the program through CHERP. As with any benefit, it’s a good idea to contact Anthem before starting the program to confirm eligibility.

If you haven’t yet received information about Weight Watchers at Work from your agency, you can contact your HR representative to inquire about at-work meetings. If you’d rather not take part at work, you can still be reimbursed and take part in Weight Watchers on your own. You can find a Weight Watchers meeting by visiting www.weightwatchers.com or calling 1-800-651-6000, and you can find the reimbursement form here.

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