SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Endorses Van Ostern

CVO endorse

Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern delivers remarks after receiving the endorsement of SEA/SEIU Local 1984 on Tuesday.

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 announced this week that the Board of Directors has voted to endorse Colin Van Ostern for governor, based on the recommendation of the organization’s Political Education Committee.

John Hattan, the director of the Political Education Committee, said Van Ostern stood out for his work on the Executive Council and his willingness to roll up his sleeves and help solve problems for Granite Staters.

“When working people have faced challenges over the last two terms, Colin’s been right there to help find solutions,” Hattan said. “The Executive Council serves an important role for our state and state employees, and he’s always been responsive to our members’ concerns. He’s a strong advocate and leader, and we’re confident that under his leadership, we’ll continue to move New Hampshire forward.”

Art Ellison, a retiree and member of Poli Ed, was an early supporter of Van Ostern’s.

“It’s clear he has the best sense of what’s needed for working families,” Ellison said. “He has the most comprehensive plans to deal with the issues we’re facing.”

Ellison said he’d supported Van Ostern in his Executive Council campaigns, but was especially moved by the candidate’s message when he met with Poli Ed.

“He has a real connection to the people in our state who need our help, and not just through platitudes, but with real, specific policies that he’d put into effect if he’s elected,” Ellison said.

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 President Rich Gulla agreed that Van Ostern is the right choice to lead New Hampshire.

“There is no race this fall that will have a bigger impact on the union’s membership than this one,” Gulla said. “The next governor will set spending priorities for the next two years, which will fund agencies, employment contracts, retirees’ healthcare and protect our pensions. We need a governor who understands these priorities and will fight for them, and I believe that next governor is Colin Van Ostern.”

In a statement, Van Ostern said he was proud to receive the backing of the 10,000-member organization.

“From the state workers who have successfully helped extend health coverage to nearly 50,000 New Hampshire citizens since we expanded Medicaid two years ago, to the road crews who keep our highways safe and improve our infrastructure, New Hampshire’s state employees are on the front lines of keeping our state moving forward,” Van Ostern said . “I’m proud of the work they do for the people of New Hampshire and I look forward to working together to strengthen the customer service we offer New Hampshire citizens and our visitors — and to build an even stronger economy where everyone has the chance to succeed, not just those at the top.”

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