You Have the Power to Make Changes in your Worksite

You can be a part of your agency’s Sub-Unit Bargaining Team

We are revving up for the 2017 – 2019 contract negotiations and members of your Master Bargaining Team have been elected. But, did you know that you can also become a member of your own “sub-unit contract” negotiations.

What Is the Sub-Unit Contract?

While there are a number of shared workforce issues for all state employees like cost of living raises, leave provisions and benefits, there are also issues that are specific to individual agencies.  For instance, some workers need protective footwear – so they may bargain to receive a boot allowance; others who work at a 24/7 facility may bargain to receive shift differential pay; and so on. In order to capture these issues that are specific to employees in a specific agency, they are bargained for separately in “sub-unit” negotiations.

Who Can Participate?

Any SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member in good standing can participate in sub-unit bargaining. Unlike participating on the Master Bargaining Team, the time commitment is minimal. In as little as a couple of lunch time or after work meetings, you can help bring forward proposals that will make conditions for your specific worksite better.

You can participate at the workgroup level only, or you can also be present at the sub-unit bargaining table, sitting across from management.

How Do I Join My Sub-Unit Team?

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity or would like to participate in your sub-unit team, please contact Randy Hunneyman, Executive Branch Negotiator at 603-271-3411 x129 or

We are excited by the number of people who are taking on this leadership role.  We have had better participation than we have in years and we are seeing people step up who have never done so before. Recruitment is ongoing and we encourage you to seize this opportunity to have a say at your workplace.

Where Can I Find My Existing Sub-Unit Contract?

Adjutant General, page 2

Administrative Services, page 5

Agriculture, page 6

Banking, page 7

Corrections, page 8

Cultural Resources, page 14

Education, page 15

Employment Security, page 16

Environmental Services, page 17

Fish and Game, page 19

Glencliff Home for the Elderly, page 21

Health & Human Services, page 23

Insurance, page 25

Juvenile Justice Services, page 26

Liquor Commission – Enforcement, page 29

Liquor Commission – Retail, page 31

New Hampshire Hospital, page 34

Information Technology, page 36

Pari-mutuel Commission, page 37

Resources & Economic Development, page 38

Safety, page 39

Transportation,  page 44

Veterans Home, page 47

Other Sub-Units, page 49


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