Election, Appointments Fill Out Bargaining Team

Corey Dearborn Picked in Special Election; Final Three Members Added

At last Wednesday’s meeting of the Collective Bargaining Senate (CBS), Senate members elected Corey Dearborn of Chapter 21, to fill the final elected position on the Master Bargaining Team.

Dearborn, who is a youth counselor at the Sununu Youth Services Center, is a member of numerous SEA/SEIU Local 1984 committees, was a delegate to this year’s SEIU convention and has served on the sub-unit bargaining team.

“I wanted to join the Master Bargaining Team because I wanted to be a voice for our nearly 10,000 members and be their advocate,” Dearborn said. “I want to make sure we maintain the great contract that we already have but also help strengthen and improve it in areas that need improvement.”

The bulk of the Master Bargaining Team is elected by the Collective Bargaining Senate, with the final three members being appointed. At the last CBS session, 10 members of the team were elected; however, the vote for the 11th and final spot was split, leading to last week’s special election which resulted in Dearborn being added to the team.

With Dearborn’s addition to the team, the three appointees have been named: Betty Thomas of Chapter 37, David Rys of Chapter 5, and Phillip Burt of Chapter 45. Those three join Bargaining Chair Jim Nall, Dick de Seve, Alisa Druzba, Linda Huard, Justin Jardine, Leah McKenna, John Morin, Kenneth Muske, Daniel Brennan and Heather Fairchild to complete the team.

Using input from their fellow members on contract proposals, the Master Bargaining Team has now begun meeting to prepare for bargaining with the state. For his part, Dearborn said he’s excited to get to work.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Dearborn said. “I think it’s going to be a challenge but I think it will be rewarding at the same time.”

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