Five Nominated for Seats on Board of Directors

The 76th annual SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Convention is Oct. 22 at the Wentworth by the Sea, and among the important business of the day is the election of five seats on the Board of Directors.

Those seats include one retiree board position, as well as four state employee board positions. Nominees for the Board of Directors were required to submit a self-nomination form one month prior to the convention in order to get their name printed on the ballot, however nominations can also be accepted from the floor at Convention.

The five candidates who submitted self-nomination forms by the deadline include: John Amrol (retiree), Peter Brunette (state), Heather Fairchild (state), Mary Fields (state), and Cynthia Sanborn-Dubey (state). 

Director (Retiree, one position, three-year term)

John Amrol, Chapter 1

I am running again for the Retiree Director’s position because I feel that, with my past experience — President for nine years, member of many past and present committees, many years on the Board, and having worked with the Legislature on many issues — I can continue to contribute a great deal. I believe my past experience assists in the decision-making of our Board of Directors. I have always been very concerned about how our retirees have been treated, and I hope my past actions as the Retiree Director have demonstrated to retirees and members alike that I have been working for them and doing what i can to protect what they have earned. I am asking the Convention to allow me to work for you again, my SEA brothers and sisters, by once again giving me your vote.

Director (State, four positions, three-year term)

Peter Brunette, Chapter 41

Peter Brunette is a certified child welfare attorney employed by DHHS. Peter is an active Steward and Chapter President (41), and serves on the Collective Bargaining Advisory and Stewards Committees and as Chair of the Dispute Resolution Committee. A former SEA Director, Master Bargaining Team member and Chair of the Ethics Committee, Peter serves on the DHHS Workloads Standards Committee and the DHHS Sub-Unit Bargaining Team.

Heather Fairchild, Chapter 16

Current Director; active member of the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee (CBAC); current member of the Master Bargaining Team; current Chapter 16 President, past Vice President and Councilor for Chapters 16 and 2.

Mary Fields, Chapter 45

Current Director (2 years), DHHS Labor Management Committee Chair (3 years), Steward, Chapter 45 Vice President.

Cynthia Sanborn-Dubey, Chapter 54

Steward, Subunit and Master Bargaining Team member, Chapter vice president and Member Political Organizer.

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