McGilvray Visits Manchester DO, SYSC

Senate District 16 Candidate is Also Longtime President of NEA-NH

Last week, state Senate candidate Scott McGilvray visited with state employees at the Manchester District Office of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Sununu Youth Services Center.

McGilvray 1McGilvray is running to replace retiring Sen. David Boutin in Senate District 16. In his current role of president of the NH branch of the National Education Association (NEA), he’s familiar with issues facing public employees in New Hampshire. But DHHS and SYSC in particular have faced repeated funding shortfalls and threats of privatization, so a visit such as this is an opportunity for state employees to familiarize candidates with the work they do.

McGilvray 2“Lawmakers control the purse strings, so the more they know about what we do, the better position we will be in to request funding for staff, resources and infrastructure,” said Demetrios Tsaros, a child protective services worker in the Manchester District Office.

Tsaros said the visit with McGilvray went well, and the candidate was attentive and open when he visited the District Office.

“Scott made the rounds and got to speak with several different staff in different departments,” Tsaros said. “He gained a fair bit of insight into what our work consists of. He seemed to be in tune to what the agency needs and above all, he was down to earth and approachable.”

In addition to his background in education, McGilvray also has experience working in social services, which gives him insight into what the day-to-day can look like. He said he’ll take that to heart if elected next month.

“I started my career in Child Protection Services in Worcester, Mass before teaching at Manchester Memorial High School,” McGilvray said. “I know the importance of this work first hand and the difference it makes in the lives of New Hampshire Families.”

Boutin was a good advocate for SYSC and public employees in general, and McGilvray would continue that advocacy — that’s why SEA/SEIU Local 1984 endorsed him in the election next month. We need strong advocates in the legislature to ensure that state employees can continue to deliver the critical services Granite Staters depend on.

You can read more about McGilvray, and sign up to help his campaign, at You can also join us for canvassing in the Manchester area on Oct. 15, and 22, and the entire weekend leading up to the election on Nov. 8. If you’d like to help out, you can email for more information.


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