Movement Grows to Boycott Black Thursday

In previous years we’ve written about the Boycott Black Thursday movement, which aims to keep the holiday shopping madness to Black Friday. With Thanksgiving just six weeks away, some major retailers are making the move to keep their stores dark on the holiday, allowing staff to spend the day with their families.

The Boycott Black Thursday movement began several years ago, as stores opening on Thursday for Black Friday sales became increasingly common. A midnight opening was once taboo, but by 2013, K-Mart was opening at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving, staying open for another 41 hours before closing as usual on Friday night.

The idea of a holiday is pretty simple, and a traditionally family-centric holiday such as Thanksgiving, more so: it’s a time to spend with family, relax and reflect. In fairness, there are plenty of professions that are required to work holidays — many of our members among them. There’s a difference, though, between staffing a nursing home and opening a store early for sales — one is necessary and the other isn’t. Opening on Thanksgiving pulls low-paid retail workers away from their families and a day of rest.

This year, thankfully, an increasing number of retailers will be keeping their stores closed on Thanksgiving Day. While the list doesn’t include the biggest names — Walmart, Target, Best Buy — it includes some big retail players: Mall of America, Home Depot and Lowe’s, Marshalls, IKEA, and HomeGoods. Just this week, electronics retailer hhgregg announced it would join them in remaining closed on Thanksgiving.

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