First CCSNH Employee Trustee is Nominated

Governor Brings Rebecca Clerkin’s Name Before Executive Council

On Wednesday, Gov. Maggie Hassan brought forward the nomination for the first employee member of the CCSNH Board of Trustees. That nominee is Rebecca Clerkin, a member of Chapter 29, who works as a librarian at Great Bay Community College.

The nomination is the result of a bill approved in this year’s legislative session that was brought forward by SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members and sponsored by Sen. John Reagan. SB 326 created the process to add a CCSNH employee to the Board of Trustees for a two-year term. The position will rotate among the college system’s seven campuses.

“It’s truly an honor,” Clerkin said of being nominated. “I’m honored my colleagues asked to nominate me, and I’m certainly honored that out of three very qualified candidates, I was selected.”

The process to add the employee seat on the board was not without its challenges. While the college system was not inclined to open up a seat on the board to its own employees, SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members — with help from the union’s political staff — successfully made the case that the position would create more transparency and aid in communication.

“I’ve served on other boards before, and in my experience, I think you get a different perspective of the organization from sitting on the board,” she said. “I’ve worked for the community college system for 22 years, and I’m excited to learn new things.”

Clerkin’s nomination is subject to Executive Council approval. The Council is expected to take up the nomination at its meeting next month. Because she’d be the first employee trustee, the role is uncharted territory, which Clerkin said is an exciting challenge.

“It’s important to me with Great Bay Community College being the first out of all the colleges in the system to have this role,” Clerkin said. “I take it seriously and I want to set the bar high for what this position can mean.”

We’ll bring you an update on the nomination next month. In the meantime, you can read the full text of SB 326, the legislation that enabled this nomination, here.

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