Member Presented with Political Action Award

Chapter 1 Member Bob Joseph Jr. ‘a One-Man Political Education Committee’

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Bob Joseph Jr., center, reacts as Director John Hattan, left, and President Rich Gulla present him with the Ray Proulx Award for political action.

Every year, the Ray Proulx Award for political action is handed out at convention to a deserving SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member. This year’s winner — Chapter 1 member Bob Joseph Jr. — was not able to attend convention due to illness, so this week he was presented with his award at the union office in Concord.

As Political Education Committee Chair John Hattan noted, Bob is “a one-man political education committee.” Joseph, who happily describes himself as a “small-R” Republican played a key role in the Republican gubernatorial forum and arranged to bring Jim Reubens, who challenged Sen. Kelly Ayotte in the primary, in to meet with the Poli Ed Committee.

Bob is a fixture at Political Education Committee meetings, and often takes part in visibility events, standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow members and speaking truth to power regardless of the cause or location. He said he’s happy to help make a difference, and in a union we make a difference because we’re all in it together.

“It’s a good feeling to make a difference for many,” he said. “During my college years, I was always encouraged to help people, especially those less fortunate. Having spent thirty-some years in EMS-firefighting, it was rewarding to be there in times of need. Being a member of the Political Education Committee has taught and helped me to do more.”

While the award was his alone, Bob was quick to share the credit with his fellow committee members.

“We, the members, see no ‘I’ in the things we do,” Bob said. “It takes more than me, as it takes a whole committee to make things work. Being a part of the Poli-Ed committee is enriching as well as educational. The plaque represents not only my efforts, but the group’s as a whole. This could not have been done alone. Deming’s concept as written in “Quality Based Management” is simple: We are all in this together, and hence this committee strives to make things better for the members of SEA/SEIU Local 1984.”

“Thank you again so much for your kind thoughts and having me as a member,” he said.

Hattan and President Rich Gulla were able to surprise Bob with his award this week. You can watch a video of the award presentation by clicking the link below:

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