Express Scripts Makes Formulary Changes for 2017

HealthBuzzFor employees covered by the State Employee Health Benefit, Express Scripts has made some changes to the formulary for prescription medicines for 2017. The number of subscribers and dependents who will be affected by these changes is minor. Those who’ll be impacted by the formulary changes should have already received a letter alerting them to the change, but you can continue reading to see which medications will be affected.

Medications moving from non-preferred to preferred (decreased member co-pay): Soolantra.

Medications moving from being excluded from formulary to preferred or non-preferred (newly covered, decreased copay if preferred status): Flovent HFA, Xeljanz, Xeljanz XR, Edarbyclor, Harvoni.

Medications moving from preferred to non-preferred (increased member copay): Differin, Oxtellar XR, Riomet.

Medications moving from preferred or non-preferred to being excluded from formulary (not covered or potentially increased copay if was preferred): Orencia, Orencia Clickject, Colchicine.

You can see the complete Express Scripts formulary brief for 2017 here. You can see all preferred drug list exclusions for 2017 here.  

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