BET Rolls Out New Development Programs

With the rollout of two new programs, the state’s Bureau of Education and Training (BET) continues to work to provide opportunities to help our public sector workforce advance their education and careers. This winter, the BET will begin offering the Early Career Leadership Program and the Intrapreneurship Program.

The BET offers a wide array of education opportunities, which you can read about on the state’s website, and these new programs are an extension of that, aimed to help the workforce respond to the challenges of today and position government departments for the opportunities of the future. Training from the BET is open to any public employees in the state.

Here are summaries of the two new programs:

  • Early Career Leadership Program – designed to develop the skills and talents of the next generation of public service managers and leaders. Program begins Jan. 25, 2017. Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP) is a professional development program for individuals in public service. The program is designed to provide the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunities to open doors to career advancement in federal, state and municipal government.  Ideally, students in this program would bring 3-5 years of public service work experience, including 1 to 3 years of management, project, or program experience.  In today’s economy individuals just beginning their careers will have many opportunities and New Hampshire’s public employers want to promote and retain a talented workforce committed to public service. The ECLP is designed to meet the needs of students and employers. Read more here.
  • Intrapreneurship Program – designed for mid- and senior-level leaders to develop skills to innovate government from within. Program begins Feb. 3, 2017. Change is constant and pressures to improve efficiency, meet new demands, integrate technologies and redesign staffing solutions are the reality of today’s government workforce. In the NH Bureau of Education and Training’s new program – Intrapreneurship – students will learn the best practices of innovation from within and how to position departments for the future. The Intrapreneurship Program is designed to foster innovative and creative thinking. Through the program, students will generate and share new ideas, leverage opportunities and meet demands that change brings. Read more here.
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