President’s Message: What Matters Most to You?

Rich Gulla

Rich Gulla

Over the next few days, whether you’re working or spending time with friends and family, my hope for you is a few quiet moments to reflect on what matters most to you.

I know that taking time to reflect sounds impossible when you’re running from one thing to another, but I’d like for you to give it a try, and here’s why. We’ve seen big changes over the last year – and we’ll see even more in 2017. As an organization, we’ll advocate for some changes and fight against others. When you know what matters most to you, you know what you’re willing to fight for.

What matters most to me? In no particular order: my family, my friends, our state and this organization. These are all things I’m willing to fight for, what I work for every day. I’m a believer that nothing good happens without hard work, so I’m willing to put in the hours to fight for things that affect the people that matter the most to me — things like Medicare and Medicaid, and for the ability for all hard-working Granite Staters to provide for themselves and their families.

Now, since this is a holiday message, I’d like to avoid the doom and gloom, but I need to say that there is legislation coming that threatens everything that matters most to me. I’ll be thinking about that in the coming days, and I know it will strengthen my resolve to fight what’s to come.

This brings me back to my original question, to which I’ll add: what matters most to you, and are you willing to work to protect it? I hope that in the new year, you’ll keep that in mind and you’ll fight for what matters most to you. If you do that, I’m confident that our families, our state and our organization will emerge even stronger.

Thank you for everything you do. Happy holidays to you and yours.

In solidarity,
Rich Gulla

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