New Year, New Opportunity for Health Rewards

First Things First, You’ll Need to Take the HAT

HealthBuzzMembers covered by the State Employee Health Benefit can earn rewards through Anthem’s Health Rewards program. The program can mean hundreds of dollars of financial benefit for you each year, and as of Jan. 1 you can start again.

Here’s a quick reminder of how it works:

  1. To start, you must complete Anthem’s Health Assessment Tool, or HAT, which you can find on Anthem’s website. Doing so will earn you $200 that will be placed on an HRA debit card. That money can be used to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as co-pays or deductibles. Check out this flyer to learn more:
  2. Once you’ve completed the HAT, you’re able to start earning Health Rewards dollars by completing any of six activities. You earn $100 for each activity completed, up to a max of $300, and you can cash those in for a Visa gift card or a gift card from various online vendors. Check out this flyer to learn more:

There’s always more information available on the state’s website, which you can find here:

Do you have a health benefit question? Send it to Chris Porter at and put “Ask Chris” in the subject line. Chris is our Compensation and Benefit Research Specialist who will advocate for members experiencing challenges with their contracted medical benefits. We’ll post answers to commonly posed questions in this column.

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