SmartShopper Adds More Ways to Earn

HealthBuzzWorkers covered by the State Employee Health Benefit (as well as under-65 state retirees) have access to the Vitals SmartShopper program, which can earn you money by helping you shop for more cost-effective medical options. As of Jan. 1, even more procedures are included in the SmartShopper program.

The program works like this: say your doctor requests an MRI or even routine lab work. You can call SmartShopper or go online to find which provider is the most cost-effective. By choosing one of the more cost-effective providers, you can earn a cash reward.

New additions to the program include X-rays and knee and hip replacements, the latter of which could earn you up to $500 depending on the facility you choose. There are dozens of services included in the SmartShopper program, everything from back surgery to ultrasounds, so it makes sense to shop around.

You can see a full list of services you can earn rewards for, along with an FAQ, here.

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